Sony A7r - Sigma 15mm for Canon


Sony A7R with Metabones Version 3 to fit the Sigma 15mm on this camera, but what adventure I had. It should be understood that the test with several cameras and many lenses is very, but very long . Towards the end of the test , I am doing a pano with the Metabones adapter, it slows the auto-focus to find the right focus (RF), fatigue is felt. And it's a disaster, I made a bad RF for the panorama in the church. Yet I was sure I put the RF in manual mode, the ring in the right position, but no. Back to assembling images, consternation, I am deeply disappointed . What to do, remove this pano from the test, if it is for the next test, at the Redpath Museum , I will experience the same dificulties. And then I began to read a lot about Sony A7r camera, but also on the Sony Nex -7. That tells me that I usually use digital cameras, never Mirrorless. I find the focus peaking, not available on Canon or Nikon digital reflex cameras. This is fantastic, simple, very practical. I redid the test at the Redpath Museum and the first time, and quickly, it is successful. I kept the first missed pano of the Church of Thetford Mines as an example. Very good this Sony A7R camera.

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