Church of Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis ( Bas-Saint-Laurent )

Located 87 miles (140 km) east of Québec City, on Highway 132 and on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, St. Denis-de-la-Bouteillerie parish was established in 1831 but was officially in operation in 1841. The first church, built during these early days, was damaged by fire in 1886 but was immediately rebuilt on the same site. This new building would become the actual church inaugurated in 1899. Historically speaking, Count Frontenac granted the St. Denis fied in 1672 to Nicolas Juchereau in tribute to St. Denis of Alexandria. However, the name of St. Denis-de-la-Bouteillerie was retained because the majority of its population were coming from the neighbouring parish, Rivière-Ouelle, named De la Bouteillerie Seigneury in tribute to its seigneur, Jean-Baptiste de la Bouteillerie.

The interior of the church is in the Gothic style and its chancel has remained untouched even after Vatican II. This magnificent church can accommodate 600 seated parishioners in the nave and in the rear gallery. Its actual population is about 500 people who earn their living, ever since the parish’s creation, from agricultural activities.

1, Rte de la Grève, Saint-Denis
G0L 2R0


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