Mont Grand-Fonds

La Malbaie ( Charlevoix )

The Mont Grand-Fonds is 335 m elevation, a high-flying snow park and 20 trails and glades where rendezvous beginners and experts. When the powder gets involved, it’s magic!

With 140 km of track, including 46 km of skating, the Mont Grand-Fonds attracts lovers of Nordic skiing. In his wood-heated shelters, we offer hot chocolate, coffee and chicken broth.

Courtesy of the house!
20.5 km of trails including one we strap on his snowshoes and travels to the summit. Apart from the top of the trail (8.5 km with gazebo), the base paths offer 4 and 8 km with heated shelters.

1000 chemin des Loisirs, La Malbaie, QC G5A 1Y8



How to get there: Google Maps

Categories: Winter activities, Downhill skiing and snowboarding, Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Card created: 01/2016 (last modified: 07/2017)

GPS coordinates: 47°46'17.28"N, 70°6'7.06"W

Download for your GPS: (.gpx)

(last modified: 07/2017)

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