Montmorency Falls

Beauport ( Quebec )

Located just a few minutes from Old Québec, the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is an attraction you will not want to pass up. The waterfall is an awe-inspiring 83 m/272’, a full one and a half times higher than Niagara Falls. You can admire stunning views from the cable car, from the many lookout points throughout the site or from the stairs climbing up the side of the promontory. At the top of the cliff sits the elegant Manoir Montmorency, which houses a fine dining restaurant, the Kent House Café bistro, a gift shop and an interpretation centre. Open year-round.

There are staircases that allow visitors to view the falls from several different perspectives. A suspension bridge over the crest of falls provides access to both sides of the park as well as a spectacular view. There is also an aerial tram (Funitel) that carries passengers between the base and the top of the falls. In the summer the park hosts an international fireworks competition with the falls as a backdrop.


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