Monument Joseph Beaubien

Montreal ( Montréal )

This bust of Joseph Beaubien sits in Parc Beaubien, bordering Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine. The land for the park was deeded to the Ville d’Outremont by Beaubien’s family after his death. The plan for this monument was instigated and executed by the Beaubien family and the Société d’histoire d’Outremont to pay tribute to Beaubien and underline the duration of his mandate as mayor, during which he contributed greatly to the development of the Ville d’Outremont after its foundation. This larger-than-life bust testifies to the community’s recognition of Beaubien’s work. To transmit to future generations the quest for excellence and social engagement that characterized his life, the sculptor, Paul Lancz, immortalized him in bronze, a slight smile on his lips to signal his pride in all of his accomplishments. In a broader perspective, this bust pays tribute to all the builders who participated in the development and growth of Outremont over the years.

Businessman and politician, Joseph Beaubien was born in Montréal in 1865. A resident Outremont for most of his life, he exerted a strong influence on his neighbourhood during his 50-year career as a local politician. A member and president of the Metropolitan Commission, he founded the Frontenac brewery, one of the largest in Québec. The father of 10 children, he was following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in politics. He was elected mayor of Outremont 14 consecutive times, and he won a total of 17 successive elections as city councillor and mayor between 1899 and 1946, establishing a record for administrative longevity. He died in Outremont in 1949.


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