Pont couvert - Pont Bordeleau

Saint-Séverin ( Mauricie )

Bordeleau covered bridge is a type farm Town developed in Saint-Severin in Quebec, Canada. It has a single span of 32 m long and has a vertical clearance of 3.5 m. The first bridge built at this location dates back to 1875, the bridge was rebuilt twice, in 1895 and in 1915 and was equipped with a roof in 1932 by the Department of Colonization. Metal templates were installed in 1988 and the paneling and the deck repaired in 1997 In October 2001, it was closed to traffic by the Department of Transportation to repair extensive damage to its structure which allowed the reopening year next. The name comes from the Bordeleau family was present in the vicinity of the bridge during construction.


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GPS coordinates: 46°40'22.97"N, 72°33'33.99"W

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