About VR

A VR panorama (VR for virtual reality) is a computer generated image, a panoramic photograph that includes the spectator. This is a revolutionary way to capture a particular place at any given time.

A virtual tour, what for?

Today, pictures and videos are no longer sufficient to illustrate a place on the internet. The 360° panorama brings a new dimension to visitors of a touristic site. This is the only technology to represent a place as if you were actually there. You will increase the number of visitors on your touristic site while providing them a modern image. Its realism favorably influences visitors who can view on full screen and easily a place as if they were there simply by moving the mouse.

Panoramic immersion offers tourists the opportunity to visit remotely, from all over the world, a region of Quebec, to explore the most remarkable heritage sites and monuments, enjoy a 360° degree view from the top of the tower of a cathedral or a castle, walk down the aisle of a museum or a historic district, to discover the hotel infrastructure, merchants and restaurants nearby, etc.