Nikon D800e - Nikon 10.5mm


It is important here to say that the lens hood of the Nikon 10.5mm lens was shaved in order to not be visible on the picture of a full-frame camera. This allows making the pano with 3 or 4 photos. This lens with Nikon D800E camera makes panoramic images very simple to make/assemble, but also extremely beautiful. Many people prefer to have an 8mm fisheye, but in the two cases, it will take at least 3 photos for a spherical. Using an 8mm fisheye leads to just have an image smaller than the Nikkor 10.5 mm, which will give a spherical of lesser quality. For a Nikon full-frame camera, the Nikon 10.5mm is, in my opinion, the best choice, but you must shaved the lens hood.

Shaved (lens hood removed) Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens on full frame sensor have 180° vertical angle of view, making them invaluable for rapid spherical panoramas making. A spherical pano can be generated with 3-4 photos without the need of a zenith shot. This lens has a longer focal length than the 8mm circular fisheye lenses and thus generate panos with higher resolution. In other words, it combines the benefits of speed and high resolution panos.

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