In order to make you live an extraordinary experience that is between film and reality, Bigfoot Paintball makes every effort to make their field unique. Moreover, Jungle Magazine gave a perfect score for the quality of our fields. You’ll find all types of fields at Bigfoot Paintball: flat, valley, and cliff, mountain, with an average or dense vegetation, stream, river, lake, pond, marsh or muddy. We added underground, simple structures such as blocks and columns of concrete bunkers, huts, buildings more complex story towers, vehicles, missile silos and many otherprops.

1380 Route 343, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC J0K 1W0


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Categories: Sports and outdoor activities, Paintball

Card created: 07/2014 (last modified: 07/2014)

GPS coordinates: 46°11'51.13"N, 73°41'48.18"W

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(last modified: 07/2014)