Boisé multiressource Von Allmen

Saint-André-d'Argenteuil ( Laurentides )

The Boisé multiressource Von Allmen in Saint-André d’Argenteuil offers a multitude of recreational facilities in a forest environment and highly diversified waterfront. Take advantage of the activities offered: camping, interpretive circuit, wildlife watching, hiking, biking, dock for non-motorized watercraft, fishing platforms, a magnificent suspension bridge overlooking the North River. The wooded Von Allmen is arranged for purposes of recreation and wildlife habitat conservation. Located between the North River and the road of the Long Sault (344), this woodland about 50 acres that is crisscrossed by more than 5.5 km of trails has very diverse natural habitats. In circulating within different paths, users can observe a marsh, swamp, silver maple, a hemlock grove, a sugar maple in addition to some wasteland. It is the gathering of different habitats within a small area which greatly increases the potential of the ornithological site. The presence of the North River and its banks is also a major asset for observing several species of aquatic or semi-aquatic birds.


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Categories: Sports and outdoor activities, Hunting and fishing, Wildlife observation, Hiking, Cycling

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GPS coordinates: 45°34'53.17"N, 74°22'32.94"W

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