Centre d'escalade Bloc Shop

Montreal ( Montréal )

Over recent years, rock climbing has grown to the point where it is now seen as a mainstream sport in Europe. Bouldering is a branch of rock climbing, performed at low level, above mattresses (crash pads), and without the hindrance of equipment associated with roped climbing. This allows the participant to fully focus on the techniques and movements without risk of injury and makes it easier for those wishing to climb to gain a safe entry into the activity. It also allows the participant to practice and rehearse specific, technical or powerful moves more conveniently. Bouldering enhances stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Bloc Shop’s facility aims to allow bouldering to be practiced at many levels, from weekend activity to top-level competition. Bottom line: bouldering is an amazing vehicle for fitness.

1370, Chabanel O., Montréal, QC, H4N 1H4


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GPS coordinates: 45°31'55"N, 73°39'27.98"W

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