Centre Patrimonial la Poudrière de Windsor

Windsor ( Cantons-de-l'Est )

The heritage site of The Powder Magazine is a former industrial complex founded in 1864. It includes a former carpentry workshop built in 1890 and the archaeological remains of several buildings and industrial installations. The La Powder heritage site is on the edge of the Watopeka River, east of St. George Street, in the city of Windsor.

The Windsor plant is built in the wake of the American Civil War (1861-1865) to meet the growing needs of the United States explosives. It stands beside the Watopeka River, which is a drop and a significant rate. Moreover, the presence of a railway line linking Sherbrooke to New England facilitates the import of raw materials used in the manufacture of gunpowder, such saltpeter and sulfur, as well as the shipping the finished product to the United States. In addition to its military use during the American conflict, black powder has many other uses, both Canadian and US markets. It is used particularly in mining, for construction of roads and railways, to hunt and to defeat the ice jams. In 1873, the Windsor plant is among the first in Canada to produce the “Dualin”, a powerful explosive made from nitroglycerin

342 SAINT GEORGES, Windsor, QC J1S 2Z5


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