Forillon National Park of Canada

Gaspé ( Gaspésie )

Forillon, a national park created in 1970, is located at the farthest reach of the Gaspé Peninsula. Its majestic landscapes cover a 244 km 2 area that is carved out of the sea, cliffs and mountains.

Forillon protects a representative sample of the Notre-Dame and Mégantic mountain regions and certain elements of the Gulf of St. Lawrence marine region. The presence of ten different rock formations, colonies of seabirds and enigmatic artic-alpine plants give this park its unique character.

At the extreme northeast end of the Gaspé Peninsula, 700 km from Québec and 350 km from the New Brunswick boundary, via Highway 132 East
Shaped by erosion, Forillon National Park offers an impressive, natural decor with its majestic mountains, its meadows dotted with wildflowers, its coves lined by pebble beaches, as well as its steep cliffs overshadowing the sea.

Forillon shelters various and easy to observe species of wildlife, such as the black bear and the moose, and also important colonies of seabirds, for example, the double-crested cormorant, the black-legged kittiwake gull, and the razorbill. In the park’s water, meet different seals and whales species, such as fin whales, minke whales, and atlantic white-sided dolphins.

All year round, you may participate in numerous activities that will allow you to discover this beautiful haven.

Within this seaside park, the Grande-Grave National Heritage Site attests to the way of life of fishing families.

122, boul. de Gaspé, Gaspé
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