La Terre des Bisons (The land of the Buffalo)

Rawdon ( Lanaudière )

La Terre des Bisons is a young and dynamic company that has been in the breeding business since 1994. The farm occupies 400 acres of land. The area is very active in the agro-tourism field. Our livestock is also very active and each spring the herd is blessed with the birth of many young calves.

A viste at the Terre des Bisons is:

- Sourcing our products counter buffalo and our gift shop,
- Increase your knowledge on breeding bison,
- Take a guided tour and tasting product bison reservation,
- Make a wagon ride around the bison enclosure,
- Take the nature trail on the farm.

In Quebec, as in most parts of Canada, the breeding of the American bison is very popular.

The male bison is the largest of the Bovidae family and can weigh up to 1200 kilos. Its instinct of survival is truly extraordinary and has enabled it to adapt to the environmental conditions from the prehistoric era up to today.

Amongst connoisseurs, bison meat is much in demand for its taste and its texture. Unlike beef, it has a very fine gamy taste and is very low in fat contents. After 21 days of ageing, the meat has reached an irreproachable tenderness. Its quality is directly related to the style of breeding. At La Terre des Bisons, our wide open spaces with its abundant grazing land and good herd management are a guarantee for our customers.

A broad range of products and meat cuts are available and will satisfy even the most demanding chefs. Every possible care is given to satisfy our customer’s specifications. At La Terre des Bisons, we are constantly working on the refinement of our line of products and their presentation to offer only the best to our clients.

La Terre des Bisons also offers great possibilities for all the family. Come and visit the farm and see our bisons. Be it for a family outing, a little bit of horseback riding, it will be our pleasure to welcome you all.

At La Terre des Bisons… nature awaits you.


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