Light at the Chinese Garden 2011

Montreal ( Montréal )

To mark its 20th anniversary, the Chinese Garden at the Montréal Botanical Garden is inviting Montrealers of all ages to enjoy the 19th edition of The Magic of Lanterns, on the theme of “The First Emperor’s Procession”.

Various elements inspired by this larger-than-life individual (a section of the Great Wall and several musical instruments) will introduce visitors to the story of this Emperor – avid for both power and honours, but also an admirer of beauty and poetry.

The first in a line of some 400 Chinese emperors, Qin Shi Huangdi is one of history’s most intriguing figures. Visitors will be able to admire about 900 lanterns as they stroll through the exhibition. Among the new illuminated structures are a gate, guard towers, military and other chariots and gongs, bells and drums. Come marvel at the procession of the First Emperor and his cavalry as they triumphantly enter his capital, Xianyang!


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