L'impact météoritique de Charlevoix

Saint-Hilarion ( Charlevoix )

The astrobleme of Charlevoix was discovered in 1965 by Jehan Rondot during a campaign of geological mapping. The latter had observed at St-Hilarion rocks which appeared to have cones of shock. This observation was confirmed in 1966 by a geologist familiar with meteoric impacts. Since this discovery, shock cones and PDFs have been observed in several places in Charlevoix, thus definitely specifying the nature of the mechanism responsible for this landscape.

The Charlevoix astrobleme is a complex structure about 56 km in diameter. The event occurred about 340 million years ago. The current topography reflects the post-impact readjustment, notably with a major upturn from the bottom of the crater to Les Éboulements and the arctic valleys of the Gouffre and Malbaie rivers.



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GPS coordinates: 47°33'53.56"N, 70°23'33.58"W

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