Montréal Tower Observatory

Montreal ( Montréal )

The Montreal Tower is the highest inclined tower in the world at 165 metres high and has a 45 degree angle. In comparison, the tower of Pisa is only five degrees!

From the Observatory at the top of the Tower, the view of Montréal is as unique as it is exceptional. On a clear day, visitors can see up to 80 kilometres all around, including the Laurentian Mountains.

The question is how can the Montreal Tower lean that much? The answer to the riddle lies in the ratio of its mass: the top of the tower is a mass of 8000 tons which is permanently attached to the infrastructure and to the solid concrete implanted ten meters below ground level that has a mass of 145,000 tons, the equivalent of three aircraft carriers!

Getting to the top is also a unique adventure, as up to 76 passengers can board the 2 level glass encased funicular. It is also the only one in the world that works on a curbed structure; a hydraulic system that allows the cabin to remain horizontal during the two minute rise to the top.



How to get there: Google Maps

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GPS coordinates: 45°33'33.75"N, 73°33'8.4"W

Download for your GPS: (.gpx)

(last modified: 12/2015)

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