Moulin Michel de Gentilly

Bécancour ( Centre-du-Québec )

Located in Gentilly, Bécancour, the Moulin Michel is best location to learn about both local and Québec history. There, you will learn about buckwheat and flour mills. It is a journey in our past where we learn and live the life of a miller. At that time, this trade or occupation was quite a challenge. The Moulin Michel is also a wonderful place to have an outdoor meal or to celebrate an event.  The Michel de Gentilly mill, built in 1783 and designated an historic monument, is a testimony to the French seigneurial regime. Buckwheat flour is ground on the millstone. Several theme exhibitions and activities are also part of the current program. Its concert hall presents a wide range of professional artists and amateurs.

During your visit, the tour guides, dressed as olden day workers, will tell you the stay of the Moulin Michel. The machinery and mechanisms of the old mill are still functioning. We can still appreciate the beauty of the old fashioned process of making flour. During the tour, you will see how the mill works; its millstones are still powered by water. The mill was built according to the rules of French architecture. Among the many characteristics of this structural design, we notice smaller window and door openings, allowing better heat conservation during the winter. Windows have 16 panes and double shutters. The typical French house, much lower than the typical Québec house, had no basement or arcade.

The Moulin Michel is a superb place of history, rich landscape and serenity.

675, boul. Bécancour, Bécancour, QC, G9H 3S9


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