Mount Royal

Montreal ( Montréal )

Maison Smith – an exceptional dwelling. Immediately upon entering Maison Smith, the visitor is charmed by the warmth of the atmosphere, where its history is recounted on its very walls.

The park contains two belvederes, the more prominent of which is the Kondiaronk Belvedere, a semicircular plaza with a chalet, overlooking downtown Montreal. Built in 1906, it is named for the Petun chief Kondiaronk, whose influence led to a major peace accord between the French, Iroquois and other Indian tribes in 1701. As of 2009, the Kondiaronk chalet’s snack bar is being shuttered, with plans to replace it with healthier fare.

Other features of the park are Beaver Lake, a small man-made lake; a short ski slope; cross-country skiing trails; a sculpture garden; and Smith House, an interpretive centre. At the foot of the hill, overlooking Park Avenue, the park features George-Étienne Cartier Monument, home to the Tam Tams, and a gazebo which has been recently named in honour of Mordecai Richler.

Guided walking tours, thematic events and conferences give Montrealers and tourists a chance to discover the many secrets of the mountain.
Several itineraries for guided tours are available to discover the hidden facets of Mount Royal. Groups who wish may also request itineraries tailored to their needs.

In addition, throughout the seasons, thematic activities are proposed to visitors to increase their appreciation of the mountain, such as a discovery of landscape from the look-outs, and awareness-raising of the issues related to the park’s use. Furthermore, events are organized to create memorable experiences, such as Les amis de la montagne’s participation in the Montreal All-Nighter held as part of the Montreal High Lights Festival, which takes place every winter.



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GPS coordinates: 45°30'12.14"N, 73°35'13.12"W

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