Observatoire de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix

La Malbaie ( Charlevoix )

The Observatoire de l’Astroblème de Charlevoix is an interpretation center focused on the famous meteorite origin of the region. A scientific facilitator will guide you through an interactive tour, studded with several spectacular samples of Charlevoix’s impactites. We also have meteorites that you can even take in your hands! An inescapable experience to better understand the genesis of Charlevoix. We also offer you the opportunity to discover some of the region’s geological attractions in a guided way, or by using your smart phone.



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Categories: Attractions, Scenic Lookouts

Card created: 09/2017 (last modified: 09/2017)

GPS coordinates: 47°36'50.07"N, 70°10'4.22"W

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(last modified: 09/2017)

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