Pont couvert - Pont de Ferme-Rouge

Saint-Aimé-du-Lac-des-Îles ( Laurentides )

Covered bridges Farm Red were built in 1903 and they are of the “Town”. They connect the island number 3 on the banks of the River Hare. The first bridge referred to as “west bridge” measures 53.49 meters in length and connects the Lot 6, Range 1, Township of Bouthillier Island No. 3, Township of Kiamika. When the second, referred to as the “bridge”, it measures 79.06 meters in length and connects the island number 3 in lot number 21-A of rank 4 Township Kiamika. These twin covered bridges are the only ones still exist in Quebec, where their exceptional heritage value. A stop was arranged between 2 bridges, where you can admire the sculpture of Joe Montferrand.



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GPS coordinates: 46°25'36.26"N, 75°25'37.98"W

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