Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de la Paix

Saint-Thomas de Joliette ( Lanaudière )

July 18, 1915, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harnois erected a cross road in front of their home. Fell in 1925, this cross is rebuilt in a small chapel in 1931 to better protect it from the weather.

This Way of the Cross will become, little by little, Calvary Harnois. The site will be enlarged and transformed to accommodate visitors. It will, in 1948-1949, a place of pilgrimage and receive the label Sanctuary Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix in 1951.

Today, this sanctuary offers a moment of reflection for passers anytime. The cave is the perfect replica of the Lourdes, became since the 2nd world war shrines which believers lend many favors.


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