Sentier des Passereaux

Cacouna ( Bas-Saint-Laurent )

This trail is a natural trail made of beaten paths, stairs and boardwalks, with a total length of about 3 km form two loops. From the parking lot, the portion of the Songbirds trail heading north is provided with three access roads to the St. Lawrence River. The first leads to a raised lookout giving views on a calamagrostis clearing. The second ramp is provided at the end of a boardwalk that gives direct access to the flats. The third ramp leads to a lookout perched in trees where waterfowl and herons in the tide pools can be seen.

On the other side of the path of the Rivière des Vases, the trail to climb the mountain leads walkers through a magnificent forest of conifers which gives access to two observation lookouts. These structures can admire the diversity of the landscape, the proximity of St. Lawrence, the view overlooking the salt marsh and the western end of Green Island. At the top, a lookout provides a 360 degree view on the coastal park, the area, the surrounding islands and the bog, perceptible through the forest.


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GPS coordinates: 47°58'27.44"N, 69°27'18.91"W

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