Sentier pédestre culturel de Mont-Carmel

Mont-Carmel ( Bas-Saint-Laurent )

The cultural hiking trail offers a 4.5 km route where you’ll have time to admire the magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River and learn about local artists through Place of painting, music and Place Place of poetry. Welcoming and rustic seating areas, one with a covered shelter at km 2 you will present unique aspects, where nature is totally available.

The cultural footpath invites walks in this magnificent landscape kamouraskois. It offers an interesting walking experience where the walker will appreciate the easy access, forest diversity and the discovery of the flora and fauna throughout its course in the full beauty. By choosing the start of the town square where you can buy a lunch box or the one located in the Lac St-Pierre on the south shore, where the inn nearby can offer a similar service, the hiker has the possibility of a loop by rank 4 of 8 km.

Mount Carmel has a unique place that will be recognized for his contribution to art and culture and before long, it will be the envy of towns and villages in Bas-Saint-Laurent. The idea came from a new resident, artist and lover of art and nature, awareness of the importance of culture in the community, Mr. Raynald Légaré. His belief in the cultural development of a society led him to present this whimsical and educational vision of the natural scenery of our village.

And when winter arrives with his cold and his great white coat is our path all ready to welcome the intrepid walkers and snowshoers valiant. Day as Torch, the trail offers a magical image of the well-kept secrets of the land hidden in the woods. The darkness of the landscape soften even this view, which has a quite different picture and sometimes a little less reassuring but even more attractive.


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GPS coordinates: 47°26'20.83"N, 69°51'9.31"W

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