Summit Park

Westmount ( Montréal )

One of the three peaks of Mount Royal, this mature urban forest is surrounded by Summit Circle Street. In 1940, the City of Westmount purchased this bird sanctuary and wildflowers. The park, covering 23 hectares and crowning the mountain, consists of several small hills and marshy depressions and is covered with woodland. In spring it is full of many wild flowers and bird watchers believe it is one of the best vantage points of the east. The site has real environmental and landscape qualities, which make it a unique place in the heart of the urban environment.

Designated reserve of birds and plants, timber Summit welcomes birdwatchers who in the morning, will observe the nesting species in the small forest. During the critical weeks of the breeding season, from April to June, dogs must be leashed at all times.

To the south, a large gazebo can see the city. The view wears off: Mont Saint-Hilaire, left to the Adirondacks, right. This is the best place to park the car.


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GPS coordinates: 45°29'30.44"N, 73°36'25.57"W

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